Driving CAFU on the TIKTOK road

How our specialist tiktok team built the on demand fuel app on the platform

CAFU - the on demand fuel app in UAE, was built on the customer promise of convenience and consistency. In the context of the COVID pandemic, this proposition gained importance for the UAE consumer. Its communications traditionally focussed on the functional benefits, it was time for the brand to position itself as the cultural mainstream in UAE.

LPS brands won the short form entertainment content mandate on Tiktok for CAFU app. Our specialist tiktok team with in house tiktok creators and a network of nano/ micro content creators, got down to defining the key content themes of user adoption, slice of life travel stories and the captains of CAFU.

Since its start, we have added Total Video Views of 1M+, Total Likes of 35k+, at an engagement rate of 5+% and still counting!  Some of our content pieces have achieved virality with more than 30k views. And above all, a CAFUers community which is going from strength to strength! 

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