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"We connect Brands with Game streamers"
Direct Cast | At scale | Targeted

We create ad-fluence campaigns for brands

A combination of targeted reach and brand love amongst the premium and fast growing gaming audience in the MENA region.

Male gamer celebrating successful video games win online, playing action rpg competition on computer. Young adult feeling happy about winning shooting tournament on live stream.

We craft creative brand campaigns with in-game streaming interactions, to be casted amongst thousands of streams all over the MENA region.


We provide access to the fast growing Arabic first gaming community in the MENA region.

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We are the largest Market Place of Arabic Gaming audience in the Middle East with more than 350+ gaming creators across UAE, KSA, Egypt and others. 

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Our marketplace game streaming technology is developed by streamers, for streamers and is leveraged by leading brands in MENA and around the world.
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Unlike sponsorships, our campaigns are specific and targeted. We commit on guaranteed impressions and optimize for link clicks.

Reach Gamers in their Native Environment

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2-layered brand safety solutions

Brand message is native to the streams,
hence 100% unblockable

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