Our Story  

Lurking in the shadows of the Rockstar Apple. The oddly wobbly pear, the ignored child.  

A life filled with self-doubt till the pear meets the bulb. A reflection of its shape and size, the pear feels an undeniable connection to the bulb. Dull at first, the bulb glows and lights up the whole room. And that’s when the Pear realizes, I too can embrace myself and light up everything around me.

The pear sets out on a mission to ‘humanize’ –breathe life into everything around through its stories.

Who we are  

LPS was established in the UAE in 2016, we grew with our team across multiple divisions in Digital media, PR, and the New Age services.

We back our team of experts and provide them a creatively enriched atmosphere that will allow them to work passionately to deliver creative ideas that exceed our clients' expectations.

Our team doesn’t think out of the box. We believe that the box doesn't exist

Why us

Why not us?

  • Creator Majority Teams
  • Digita Ninjas
  • New Age Media Specialists
  • Social 2.0 Culturists
  • Smart Communi-creators
  • Self-proclaimed Perfectionists
  • Mind readers
  • Trend(s)setters
  • We’re all this and much more.

So Why not us!



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