Del Monte - Honey Glow Campaign


The primary objective of the influencer campaign was to generate awareness and drive traffic to physical stores for the Honey Glow activation.

We executed a highly engaging Instagram influencer marketing campaign, centered around a captivating region-wide competition, to drive physical in-store sales and promote our HoneyGlow Pineapples.


The campaign focused on highlighting and promoting this special product, the HoneyGlow Pineapple, in different MENA regions such as Jordan, Kuwait, KSA, and UAE. 

The primary objective was to boost physical in-store sales of the HoneyGlow Pineapple and Del Monte products in selected stores. 

We collaborated with 5 influencers from the desired MENA region. We had a dual approach for the campaign, with the first 4 influencers only posting on stories, and the final influencer posting an IG reel on their profile. 

With the first four influencers, the campaign encouraged customers who purchased the HoneyGlow Pineapple to participate in a competition by uploading original pictures or videos of the product, incorporating it into their daily routines, recipes, or desserts. By tagging and following the brand, participants had a chance to win a giveaway prize, which included a gift voucher from a major retailer. 

The final influencer uploaded a reel letting our followers know about an instore activation happening across selected stores within the UAE. 

Paid Media at a Glance

In terms of visibility and reaching the most audience, our KSA-based influencer Hala Dakhil’s dark ad (both on Facebook and Instagram) performed the best. This dark ad was centered around the Honey Glow competition.

When it comes to 15-second views, our dark ad featuring UAE-based influencer Dima Mousili performed the best. This success can be attributed to the campaign objective and the high-quality content produced through a professional studio shoot.

For Facebook, our most engaging content was Dima’s dark ad, while on Instagram, Hala’s dark ad performed the best.

Increased Brand Awareness

The influencer campaign successfully generated a significant increase in brand awareness with the campaign delivering more than 600K+ Organic views and 2M+ Paid impressions.

Engagement and Reach

The Instagram stories and reels, received high levels of engagement from the target audience with the campaign delivering more than 16K+ Organic engagement and 755K+  Paid engagement. 

Snapchat Stories in KSA

Utilizing Snapchat as a platform for the campaign in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) proved to be a strategic move.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

Encouraging user-generated content through hashtags and challenges proved to be effective in driving organic engagement, we received over 80 UGC content pieces.

Most Engaging Content

Our best performing organic content was the reel that was posted by our UAE influencer Dima with a total engagement of 15,909 and reached 148k accounts