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LPS won and led the creative and digital mandate for the launch of Chupa Chups Room, the first-ever experiential store globally by the iconic confectionary brand.

Founder and managing director at LPS, Shaikh Zubaer Aasim said, “The interactive Chupa Chups Room brings the ‘Forever Fun’ positioning to retail, with a combination of exciting new products and technology-driven fun experiences for customers.”

“These are disruptive and potentially high opportunity times for established brands, to pioneer new go-to-market channels and co-create product offerings with their customers. According to Perfetti Van Melle with the decline of shopping on the go over the last year, there is a need for FMCG brands to differentiate, innovate and excite consumers to stimulate growth in the £1.22bn sugar confectionery category.”

“As part of its retail extension, the brand was looking to crack the challenge of unifying ‘forever fun’ positioning across its product range, retail space and its digital front. This meant a derived identity for the brand Chupa Chups Room; which not only stood for customers enjoying product consumption but also, for them interacting with fun-filled brand experiences in the store every month.“

According to a statement, LPS was chosen to lead the mandate, due to its innate understanding of the digital Gen Z and younger millennial customers and its proven track record in bringing prominent brands to new age platforms like Tiktok, Reels and Gaming streams.

The LPS team proposed to create an in-store to digital customer loop and drive deep actionable engagement with the customer. On one hand, the agency worked with the Chupa Chups brand team to build stand-out creative assets and infuse them with unique in-store technology experiences. On the other hand, the Chupa Chups room embraced a TikTok-first presence brimming with a slice of life short-form video content, hyper-targeted to potential walk-ins. “It has been a delight and a dream come true to immerse ourselves in the fun-filled world of Chupa Chups. It was an interesting assignment to ‘trans-create’ a digital first identity for it and work on rejuvenating it with new in-store themes every month. We were quickly able to align and ace our service delivery on the strength of our new age platform capabilities on tiktok and a strong pan-format creative output with a social essence,” says Shaikh. The result was a high engagement community, above-targets performance on store footfalls and steep growth in community engagement.

LPS is a platform-focused communications firm, adept in creating and managing brand mandates in new-age media platforms – Tiktok, Gaming Streams, Live.

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Let us tell your story!
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