Your content is ready and posts are scheduled on a regular basis.

What’s next? It is time to grow your community!

There are different activities involved in building a successful instagram community for your brand in UAE.

  • Daily community routine – Below is a MUST-DO checklist of tasks to be done for your account on a daily basis:


  1. Step 0) Once every week: Follow Influencers related to the brand: atleast 30 to start and 10 every week – Like 6 of their last posts and comment in 2 of them
  2. Step 1) Daily: Like pictures of your followings on your brand feed ( 1 time a day)
  3. Step 2) Daily: Go into each of your most used hashtags and like 10 pictures
  4. Step 3) Daily: Like/ Reply on old post comments, AS SOON you have a new post published
  5. Step 4) Daily: Identify accounts liking your pictures for the first time – go to their profile, like 3 of their pictures and comment on 1 of their picture
  6. Step 5) Daily: Choose 5 potential followers daily; Like all comments on 5 pictures of potential followers
  7. Step 6) Daily: Create a Snapshot on Instagram stories for videos and important posts on the feed ; with an arrow pointing to the profile name
  8. Step 7) Daily: Respond to comments/ DMs within 6 hours (working)/ 10 hours (non working times) of posting


  • A majority of instagram pro accounts are using community automation software like captivate which works even when you are not on the desk! These software options let you enter and capture the preferred audience using other competition accounts. hash tags, location tags etc.

The above should be a good start to a healthy Instagram profile. If you have any further queries or would like us to evaluate your social media profile in UAE or the Middle East, reach out to us here