It is no secret that Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in the world. However, there is a platform growing faster than Instagram itself – Instagram Stories.

Some Stats – 300 million users use instagram stories daily, which is 50% of active Instagram users. 1 in 5 DM stories leads to business. 15 minutes is the additional time, an average user is spending on Instagram due to stories. If this doesn’t get your attention as a marketer, I don’t know what will?

Why have people jumped on to the stories bandwagon like nothing before?

There are some valid reasons to it:

  • The format gives a person to person connection like no other.
  • It is designed for more CURRENT eyeballs.
  • Nowhere is the use of text along with visuals, better suited than on stories.
  • It has a direct business link integration unlike the feed posts.

Unfortunately, at LPS, we didn’t view stories as an independent way of storytelling, when we started with it. We kept pumping in behind the scenes snapshots, candid people images which didn’t represent or do anything for the brand.

Over a period of time, we developed a few lessons on how to get it right. We want to share those with you, so that you do. There is a tendency to think that Instagram stories means candid grainy captures showing the NOW. This doesn’t do anything for the brand. Go through the below and you would look at Instagram stories strategy in a different way.

  1. Stick to 1 single theme in a day. Stories are easy to use and there is a temptation to pack it up with as many story slides, without any connection to one another. We have always benefited from a story day with a singular theme. For ex: An event, a promotion or just BTS stories from a shoot.
  2. A story is a STORY, treat it like one! Have a beginning, middle and end to each story day. Ideally, beginning should have a title or a reason of existence. Also, create intrigue at the start for your viewer; say a sneak peak of whats expected in the slides ahead. A flipagram works great as a story format. Middle is where you establish the content value, you have promised. And the End slide, is your call to action, testimonials, giveaways or incentives for the complete end to end views.
  3. Every brand on stories should think of itself as a broadcast channel. Hence, the age old saying – Educate/ Inspire/ Inform
  4. Be serious about your brand identity on stories. Get your Hex colors/ font/ brand colors consistent on all story days.
  5. Know your zone of genius. Know what you are good at and use it to for engaging story days.

Instagram stories is a platform within a platform. Period.
It would be nothing less than a kamikaze attack if you treat it as a subsidiary to the Instagram feed! Grow it as an individual brand channel with its own ways of storytelling.

That’s it. Good fodder to develop your skills as an adept Stories user.

We have added an event coverage story day for one of our brands – Superchix on the LPS instagram highlights profile.

Do check it out if you want to see the above in action. Link below: