A large part of winning the social media game is creating great content and consistent content.

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The first step to create that winning social media content is hiring a photographer or a photography team. At this point, we know you are thinking about the specifics involved in selecting one. Simply, use two criteria:

  1. Costs involved – A Social media photography session would cost around 4000/ 5000 AED approximately for a fully day 8 hours shoot. This would vary based on your product and requirements. It is important to understand the difference between social media photography and portrait/menu/ studio photography which requires a higher level of skill/ planning/ equipments and investment. Most of the photographers will quote you a higher price based on the latter; negotiate, based specifically on social media requirements. At the end of the day, your business should be able to justify the costs involved in social media content creation!
  2. Experience – Ask for references of the different social media shoots done and the brands worked with. If possible, cross check with these brands on their experience with the photographer/ videographer.

And, then comes the shoot brief for the photographer. You know your brand better than anyone else, and the brief should convey this understanding precisely and specifically to the photographer team.

We have attached a link below for examples of a brief working shoot plan from our client engagements, in order to make this easy for you

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What should a shoot brief contain? Two important information points: Story (video) & Treatment.

  1. The treatment of the video/ pictures is at best, briefed using existing references. Pinterest is a great place to get references from all over the world. Build strong picture/ graphics references from pinterest regularly for the monthly shoot.
  2. Prepare a story brief like slides 7,8,9 with simple bullet points about what the video should communicate. Be clear about the subjects/ products/ dishes you want to be shot. Create a list of dishes and provide this information to the photographer/ videographer 2-3 days ago.
  3. Deliverables plan: It is important to agree on the results expected – photo/ video, on the basis of target formats. For ex: per month, Photos – 30, Videos – 2, Stories – 10, Cinemagraphs – 3.

Remember, the photographer team is as good as the brief received from the brand/ business. If you follow the above steps, you should be on your way to creating those awesome pieces of content for your business. All the best!

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