We are new age social publishers, believe in the power of stories and have delivered on massive campaigns

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Be a social Media ‘Publisher’


Today, it is essential that you are a social media publisher providing content value with a sense of community to followers, and look beyond straight jacketed promotional material for your brand.

How are we placed to do this?

  • We have a completely resourced in house production team – photography, Videography, Editing and design; a rarity among social media agencies.
  • We have popular in house social media channels called LPS Shows. This gives us a first-hand experience of ‘yay’ and ‘nay’ content in UAE and the Middle East. Over the years, we have constantly belted out truly viral content on our in house social media channels on Youtube, Facebook & Instagram; built a massive channel fan following and regularly partnered with social media superstars from the Arab region.

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We work on ‘Campaigns’ not ‘Tasks’


We don’t want you to spend, if you do not know what you are getting!

Every engagement at LPS, be it social media advertising for a new product launch, Instagram profile management, time bound facebook marketing campaigns, youtube food channel management, is tied to a time bound and a measurable ‘campaign’. We thoroughly understand the end goals from our engagement & create customer journey funnels leading upto it.

Our social program managers are expertly aligned to look at every business need of yours, as a social media campaign with a thoroughly planned set of result metrics & targets – be it reach, engagement, leads, event responses, link clicks etc.

Simply put, we are all about – Stories which shine and engage, channels which amplify and convert, campaigns which measure and deliver.

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NATIVE VIDEO is at the center of our campaigns


We believe that video stories is the only form of social media currency and it is a core competency and focus at LPS. Video posts get significantly higher reach and engagement on all platforms. Some statistics from popular studies worldwide:

  • Social Video generates more than 1200% more shares than text and images combined
  • One third of online activity is spent on watching video
  • Middle East countries have above 90 percent online video penetration among their audience
  • Over half a billion people are watching video on facebook every day
  • Sixty Four percent of consumers make a purchase after watching branded videos

With us, you will get social media experts who will deliver on different video formats to put your message forward – Feature video stories, scripted entertainment, GIFs, Boomerangs, Vertical video stories, cinemagraphs etc.

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