Lets start with a fact: You cannot, cannot, cannot be left behind in the social media game; even if you run the little bakery down the road!
Middle East, and UAE in particular, is one of the fastest growing social media usage markets in the world & Instagram is leading the pack among all the platforms.

Speaking of your Instagram account, your profile, also called as the bio, is the first impression of your brand/ business to the social media viewer and you shouldn’t leave it for a second chance!

We, as an Instagram marketing company, work with a wide variety of brands in the Middle East, and if there are three must haves, every brand should have; they are these – your profile should be CLEAR, APPROACHABLE and UNIQUE.

Coming to the specifics, below 6 steps is all you should know about creating a new Instagram profile and optimizing your profile on a weekly level.

1. Use a clear logo picture, preferably colorful as your bio profile pictureperfect Instagram Profile for UAE-1


2. Have a headline which is unique, catchy and gives out the gist of your business/ brand/ personality


3.Build an emotional attachment by bringing the human dimension of the brand. Use emojis in the bio to tell your story.


4.Mention the location of your business, particularly if it caters to a local population


5.Have a call to action at the end of your profile text, followed immediately by the bio link connected to the call to action. Update your CTA with new promos, blog content on a weekly level


6. Middle East is home to populations from many countries. Hence, use both English and Arabic in your bio, to reach out to audiences of all backgrounds.


And it goes without saying – Your bio should be UPDATED on a weekly basis with the latest happenings, promotions and new products.

If you have any further queries or would like us to evaluate your social media profile, reach out to us here